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SS U Clamp Manufacturer

A SS U Clamp is widely used to spread the load of an attached closure, and prevent damage to the surface being fixed. We provide some sort of insulation such as electrical. Additionally, a Stainless Steel Washer may be used when the hole is a larger diameter than the fixing nut. The Stainless Steel Washer is also often used for disc shaped devices as grommets.

Stainless Steel Nuts can be split into 2 groups protective and lock. It is an additional component of a fastening arrangement made from metal.

SS Nut & Bolt is normally has a round shape on the outside and a approval hole on the inside so that it slips easily over a bolt or screw of the corresponding diameter. We offer a comprehensive range of premium quality SS Spring Washer. We used only the international certified raw materials and the most advance.

We are the leading SS U Clamp Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India known as stainless steel bolt industries. Our mission is to provide the washers of client’s choice to the highest quality standards and on the fastest delivery possible, all at a price that will keep them costs down to an absolute minimum. We making Stainless Steel Washers, SS Pan Phillips Screws, SS Hex Nuts, SS Threaded Rods and Stainless Steel Dome Nuts etc.

Our Product performance as a reliable mechanical joining system, providing high load-distributing anchorages for several designs of stainless steel assembly as well as many other substrates that require secure and reliable assembly. Our Customer will definitely find a better quality in our product like Stainless Steel Nuts ; it is assured because we don’t compromise with quality for quantity.